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Bangor University is an accredited public university located and situated in Bangor, Wales. It was established in 1884 and is a flourishing and forward-looking institution with great opportunities. Bangor University has a long tradition of excellence in academics and an emphasis on student experiences. About 10,000 students are currently studying at the bangor university.

Advantages of Bangor University Masters Scholarships program

  • Approved tuition fees for tuition
  • Affirmed flights from your country of origin into the UK and back after the expiration of the period.
  • Amount (living allowance) at the rate of PS1,236 for each month
  • The allowance for warmer clothing if appropriate
  • Thesis grants towards the expense of writing a thesis or dissertation, when applicable.
  • Study travel grant to cover the cost of travel related to studies in the UK or abroad

The requirements  for Bangor University Masters Scholarships

Admission into the bangor university postgraduate Masters’ courses requires an undergraduate/bachelor degree of equivalent standard to the British undergraduate/bachelor degree with a minimum grade equivalent to British second-class honours.

If you don’t meet the requirements to receive the master’s programs in the School of Business then you might want to consider applying for International Incorporated Masters degrees (IIM). The part that is pre-masters is offered in the Bangor University International College* ( BUIC) through its partner Oxford International Education Group. Then you can progress to the program of your choice in Bangor University. Other requirements include:

  • You must be a mature student who has work knowledge
  • You should be ready to begin with your studies at the UK before the start in the UK academic year in September 2023.
  • Have the citizenship of one of the Commonwealth state. 
  • Permanently reside in a deemed Commonwealth country.
  • You must hold a degree that is at least upper second grade (2:1) honors standard or a second-class degree (2:2) or other postgraduate qualifications.
  • Not be able to pay for  or go to university within the UK without this award.
  • Reference letters
  • Complete CV and any other necessary supporting document


Different scholarships for International students studying at Bangor University

1.International Scholarship: It is worth up to a maximum of £3,000 and is open to all countries (excluding EU countries & UK)

2.Vice-Chancellor Scholarship: Values of up to £10,000 are available to all countries with the exception of EU countries and UK

3.The Professional Experience Award: Up to to £5,000 and is available to all countries (excluding EU countries & UK)

4.The Deans’ Scholarship: Is worth  up to £5,000 available to all countries with the exception of EU countries and UK

5.EU student scholarships: Up  to £6,000 for the entire EU Countries (except Ireland)

6.Discounts for Alumni/Existing Students/Family Discounts: Up  to £1,000. This is plus the Bangor International Scholarship and its accessible to all countries (excluding UK & Ireland)

7.Great Scholarships 2022:  Available to Ghana as well as Pakistan and with a value of up to £10,000

8.The Refugee Scholarship: must be granted refugee status, or Indefinite Leave to remain on leave on Humanitarian Protection grounds and need to reside at North West Wales. This is a complete fee waiver for accommodation and a waiver of the fee to stay within University Halls.

9.Chevening Partnership Scholarship: It is available to all countries (excluding countries like the USA, UK and EU countries) It is fully fee-free award.

10.Chevening Universities Wales (Global Wales) scholarships: are available to India and Vietnam as well as an all-fee waiver

11.Global Wales Postgraduate Award September 2022: This scholarship is available to India, Vietnam, Canada and the USA as well as countries belonging to the European Union (except Ireland) The scholarship is worth up to £10,000.

12.Snowdon Masters Scholarships: This is available to all countries, and has value is up to £30,000.

13.Commonwealth Master’s Scholarship for 2023: The scholarship is open to students from Antigua and Barbuda; Bangladesh; Belize; Botswana; Cameroon; Dominica; Eswatini; Fiji; The Gambia; Ghana Grenada; Guyana; India; Jamaica; Kenya; Kiribati; Lesotho; Malawi; Malaysia; Mauritius; Montserrat; Mozambique; Namibia; Nauru; Nigeria; Pakistan; Papua; New Guinea; Rwanda; Samoa; Sierra Leone; Solomon Islands; South Africa; Sri Lanka; St Helena; St Lucia; St Vincent and the Grenadines; Tanzania; Tonga; Tuvalu; Uganda; Vanuatu; Zambia. The scholarship includes tuition fee waived, monthly stipend, the return flight, thesis grants and study travel grants, warmth allowance for clothing, where appropriate.

14. Commonwealth Scholarship (MSc Tropical Forestry and MSc Agroforestry and Food Security): available to every Commonwealth countries, with values can be as high as £18,000

15.Commonwealth Shared Scholarship: This scholarship is designed for just East as well as Central African Countries, it covers full tuition, monthly Stipend, return flights

16.Canada Memorial Foundation Scholarship: It is only available to Canadians and it’s a tuition waiver and cash prize of up to £10,000 that will provide a £800 monthly allowance, airfare for return and any other travel costs.

17.Fulbright Global Wales Postgraduate Award is only available to students in the USA The award also includes the full tuition fee waiver, as well as an income stipend of £13,450.

18.UUKi-BEC.AR Argentinian Scholarship Scheme: It’s a full waiver of award for Argentina

19.PRONABEC Scholarship It is also a full-fare waiver, and with monthly stipends that are available to Peru.

How to apply for Bangor  University Masters Scholarships 

Students can apply through the bangor university  Online Application Portal. You can also refer to the Guidance notes about how to fill and submit an Online Application form.

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