Apply: Top 6 Cheap Schools In Europe For International Students

Do you wonder if it is possible to study abroad for free? Yes. But we won’t sweet talk you. It isn’t easy to get to study abroad for free. However, there are cheap schools in Europe that offer very  affordable school fees. This article will show you the top 6  cheap  schools in Europe.

1. Nantes University

Nantes University is part of the cheap schools in Europe and it is located near Nantes, France. Nantes University is an open and sustainable university that strives to create a more just society. They are also one of Europe’s most affordable schools, although tuition fees vary depending on course choice. The tuition fees at Nantes University range from EUR 3060 up to EUR 7000, depending on the course you choose.

2. University of Basel

In 1460, the University of Basel was established. University of Basel is without doubt one of the cheap schools in Europe. It is the oldest university of Switzerland. The University of Basel was ranked among the top 20 European schools. It is a well-respected institution of higher education in Switzerland.

Fees are charged by the university in accordance to university regulations. The tuition fees range from 1,714 to 2,004 USD per annum depending on the course and program. The university offers financial aid in the form scholarships, which are not included in the low tuition fees. On their official website, you can find out the current tuition fees.

3. Paris-Saclay University

Paris-Saclay University is without doubt one of the most cheap schools in Europe and also one of the  prestigious academic institutions in France and the entire world. They offer outstanding degrees at all levels, including Master’s, Master’s and Ph.D. Despite all this, school fees are extremely affordable. The tuition fees vary from 243 to 338 Euros per annum.

For more information, however, visit the official tuition fees page.

4. Bifrost University

Bifrost University was founded as a private business school in 1918. However, it became a university in 1988. The university of Bifrost can be found in Iceland’s north, Borgarnes. The university offers bachelor’s and masters degrees in social sciences and law, along with remedial university preparatory programs.

On campus, Bifröst University offer en-suite single rooms for our exchange students. That way you will have your privacy but at the same time share a living room and kitchen with other students and be able to socialise.

The environment is outstandingly beautiful with lava fields and mountains, with its everchanging colors through the year, embracing the campus. Near to Bifröst a great variety of interesting sights can be found with many trails for hiking and bicycling.

You can start and complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree with just 1000 USD.

5. Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences

In 1989, the Vorarlberg University for Applied Sciences was established. It used to be called “Technical School Vorarlberg”. It is also one of the top 6 most cheap schools in Europe. They offer Bachelor’s and Masters degree programs in Business, Engineering, Design, and Social Work.

It is important to understand

Students are not required to pay tuition fees at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, FH Vorarlberg. This also applies to guests students.

FH Vorarlberg does not charge tuition fees to students at this time, but they reserve the right to make use of their legal rights at any moment and at their discretion.

Each semester, students are required to pay membership fees for the Osterreichische HochschulerInnenschaft (Austrian National Union of Students). This fee is 2120 euros for the academic year 2022/23.

6. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens ranks #260 in Best Global Universities. It was founded in 1837 in Athens (Greek). The tuition fees vary depending on the course and program. The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens is a wonderful place to study and it ranked among Top most cheap schools in Europe.

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