Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowship For Women-IPRA Foundation 2022/23

The International Peace Research Association Foundation is seeking applicants for its Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowship in Peace and Development Studies for Women from the Global South. Dorothy Senesh was a long-time activist for justice and peace. Her husband, Lawrence, founded this organization after her death in 1989.

It was first presented in the IPRA 25th Anniversary celebration in July 1990 at Groningen, Netherlands and has been given out every two years since then. The Fellowships offer $5,000 for two years to both women each year, with a maximum of $10,000 for each.


The International Peace Research Association (IPRA) was established in 1990 as a nonprofit, tax-exempt entity. The foundation’s mission is to support peace research and global scholarship. The International Peace Research Association (IPRA) is an independent, international non-governmental organisation with members in over 70 countries and across all parts of the world.

The IPRA was established in the year 1965 to encourage interdisciplinarity in research on the conditions that lead to peace and the reasons behind war and other forms of violence. It employs a variety of disciplines to study and explain the peaceful and conflictual processes that occur on both the international and national levels.

IPRA researchers can examine their research on their own within working groups that cover many topics like communications, the conversion of civilian production to the military as well as defense and disarmament, ecological security and food policy as well as human rights and development of internal conflict resolution non-violence in international conflict resolution peacebuilding in conflict zones, peace education, refugee movements, peace and religious conflict, as well as female peace and women.

Eligibility for Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowship

The Dorothy Senesh Fellowship is available to women from the Global South who have completed the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree and who are accepted to a graduate degree program, and the work of their graduate program is expected to be centered around issues that are related to the objectives in IPRA.

The funds will be distributed after the candidate has been accepted into a graduate program. Awards are to be based on need. Therefore, those with a substantial funding source are more likely to be selected as candidates for the award. This fellowship is not meant for research or proposals.

Special Restrictions

  • Only for Women
  • Applicable only for women from developing countries.

Please do not apply if you are a male student or if you are not from a country that is part of the Global South. All other applicants will not be considered.

Programme Details

Host Institutions University: Any university.
Study Area: Any master’s program for communications graduates, transformation from production for military purposes to civilian use defense and disarmament food security human rights and development internal conflict resolution non-violence, international conflict resolution peacebuilding in conflict zones, peace education peace movements, refugee as well as religious conflict along with women in peace.
The number of awards: Two.
Duration: Two years.
Group of target: Open to citizens of nations in the Global South.
The Awards at Dorothy Marchus Senesh Fellowship for Women
Every year (beginning around the year 1990), two women are granted expenses for school up to $5,000 each year for a period of two years.

Date of Application

The application process for Senesh Fellowship for 2022 is now open until January 15, 2023. Applications are accepted from applicants in English, Spanish and French.

Senesh Fellowship Required Application Details:

1.) Applications (English, Spanish, French)

2) Letter of Acceptance for your master’s program (may be in pdf)
3) Three letters of Recommendation
Email a COPY OF the Application Form to Philip Armor, Program Administrator, at:

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