Good News: How to get a tech job with no experience in 2022

Many people have aspired to change careers into tech, however, the majority of them have only a few or no experiences in technology. They’ve been thinking about whether they could be able to get a tech job with no  experience. I have some positive news for you: it is possible to get a tech job  with no experience.

How to Get your first tech job with no experience

If you’re looking to get a job in the field of technology, you should make sure you are always online, Most recruiters search online for possible candidates. It’s beneficial to establish an account for LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub Etc. These are just a few of the social media platforms on which you can show off your abilities and achievements.

Consider volunteering

If you so desire to get a tech job with no experience, you need to consider a  volunteer jobs. Experiences in volunteering such as helping open-source projects, mentoring and writing useful articles can make you more well-known in the technology industry. This also adds important soft-skills to your resume like being self-motivated as well as organized and possessing an impressive work attitude.

An internship is a great way to get a tech job with no experience

The most effective way to get a tech job with no experience in the formal technology industry is to accept tiny pieces of experiences to show your abilities. It is not necessary to have a relevant job or full-time position on your resume. A short-term or part-time job is a good idea.

A tech job with no experience   requires you to begin at an entry-level job. An entry-level job can be an ideal starting point for a variety of careers. These kinds of jobs permit students who have just graduated to join into the workforce for the very first time. They require minimal or no experience in the field. Entry-level jobs will provide you with a new area and will help you develop fundamental skills and understanding.

How do I prepare for tech entry-level job openings?

If you are looking for a entry-level job you need to be at ease working with a computer and have a good understanding of commonly employed operating systems such as Windows as well as Mac.

If you intend to work remotely, you must have a computer that is working, a well-lit workstation, 24/7 internet connectivity and power. Many companies offer the required equipment, however if you intend to work as a freelancer, it is best to purchase a high-quality computer

 List of some entry-level tech jobs 

1. Computer technician

Computer technicians  are accountable to provide computer and network assistance to businesses and government agencies. They install, maintain and troubleshoot software and hardware, as well as respond to computer-related inquiries from employees and customers. They also establish new systems for computers as well as ensure that the security of an organisation’s Internet is up-to-date and operating well, and participate in the onboarding process for new employees, and instruct non-tech experts on computers and software. You can

2. Help desk analyst

Help desk analysts typically operates on tier 1 that is to say you will work in direct contact with users and customers. Help desk analysts are an IT professional who is responsible for giving their clients technical assistance on all IT-related issues, including problems with computer hardware networks, applications, or operating systems.

3. Computer technician

This is one of the many tech job with no experience you can start with. Computer technicians are accountable to repair computers and resolve any other issues with equipment. They typically work for companies or organizations as per contracts. A typical day for computer technician may involve fixing laptop printers, replacing laptop batteries, and replacing damaged cables.

4. Web editor

Web editor edits and revises emails, websites, and social media posts. They check for and correct spelling and grammar mistakes. They can write articles or reviews of web content submitted by contributors to the website. They also manage the flow of content production and ensure that deadlines for publishing are adhered to.

5. Technical writer

Documentation is a crucial aspect in IT as it offers guidance to software developers and also aids in the resolution of issues later. A clear and concise document helps reduce the chances of mistakes and assists users in understanding problems in the final product. Therefore, there is always a demand of technical writer. Technical writers are accountable of creating documents for a product, the company’s processes or even services. This is one of the many tech job with no experience you can start with.

6. Data entry officer

The function of a data entry officers is to manually input data into computers. They make use of data processing programs to record information in an Excel spreadsheet and word document. Transcription of data is also part of the field that of entry into data. Transcription involves transcribing information from videos, audio recordings or conversations on the phone. This is another tech job you can start with no experience.


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