Good News: Oxford University 2023 Reach Oxford Scholarships for International Students

Oxford is an autonomous and self-governing university comprised of Oxford University, its divisions, faculties, and departments, as well as the colleges. Oxford University has a rich tradition of educating leaders. The Oxford University MBA program builds upon the tradition, providing you with a solid base in fundamental business principles, as well as a broadened perspective in understanding the function of business in the world. It will challenge you to dig deep into the areas you’re interested in the most and acquire the abilities and knowledge to guide you towards an influential, meaningful career.

What is Reach Oxford University Scholarship?

A variety of Reach Oxford scholarships (formerly Oxford Student Scholarships) are available to students from countries with low incomes who, due to financial or political reasons or due to the fact that suitable education facilities do not exist and are unable to complete an education in their home countries.

The requirements for Oxford University Reach Oxford Scholarships

Candidates must satisfy the listed conditions to be eligible to be considered for Reach Oxford Scholarships 2023:

  • Candidates must be citizens of countries that receive development aid via the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • Have been invited into one of the undergraduate programs at Oxford University
  • You must have exceptional academic performance and excellent leadership skills.
  • Candidates must be able to return trip to their country of origin following the completion of the course.
  • Candidates who haven’t completed an undergraduate degree prior to the application deadline will be given priority.

Advantages of Oxford University Reach Oxford Scholarships

  • Fees for courses
  • Living costs grant
  • One return airfare per year.

How to Apply for Oxford University Reach Oxford Scholarships

  • You have to submit an application for admission to the University of Oxford for an undergraduate degree through UCAS on or before October 15, 2022. If you are successful, you will be in securing a spot.
  • Information on how to apply for an entry into the 2023 scholarship will be available here in the month of January 2023.
  • For applicants applying for entry in 2023 who submit their applications by the February 8, 2023 deadline for the scholarship deadline, the selection process will begin in March 2023.
  • Candidates will be informed about the results of their application by April 2023.

Are you a qualified and interested applicant? Visit the University of Oxford at to apply.

Other Oxford University scholarships

There are a few other scholarships administered by central authorities that are available to undergraduates. These are listed below. For more details about each scholarship, click each scholarship’s name.

1. Hill Foundation Scholarship

The eligibility criteria are: Students must be nationals of and residing in Russia. Russian Federation wishes to study for a second degree in undergraduate studies.

The deadline for applications: 12 noon (UK time) on February 8, 2023.

2. Bright Oceans Corporation Scholarship

The eligibility criteria are: Students must be ordinarily residents of Mainland China (excluding the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau)

Deadline for applications: 12 noon (UK time) on February 8, 2023.

3. Palgrave Brown Scholarship

Eligibility: Students are required to be educated in one of the following countries:

Albania; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Belarus; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Estonia; Georgia; Hungary; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyz Rep.; Latvia; Lithuania; Macedonia; Moldova; Montenegro; Poland; Romania; Russia; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Ukraine; Uzbekistan.

Deadline for applications: 12 noon (UK time) on February 8, 2023.

4. Simon as well as June Li Undergraduate Scholarship:

The eligibility criteria: Applicants are required to be living within one or more of the listed countries:

Afghanistan; Bahrain; Bangladesh; Bhutan; Brunei Darussalam; Cambodia; China; Fiji; Hong Kong SAR; India; Indonesia; Iran (the Islamic Republic of); Iraq; Israel; Jordan; Kiribati; (Democratic People’s Republic of) Korea; Kuwait; Lao People’s Democratic Republic; Lebanon; Malaysia; Maldives; Mongolia; Myanmar; Nepal; Oman; Papua New Guinea; Philippines; Pakistan; Qatar; Republic of Korea; Samoa; Saudi Arabia; Singapore; Solomon Islands; Sri Lanka; the State of Palestine; Syrian Arab Republic; Taiwan Province of China; Thailand; Timor-Leste; Turkey; United Arab Emirates; Vanuatu; Viet Nam; Yemen.

Deadline for applications:12 noon (UK time) on February 8, 2023.

6. Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) Undergraduate Scholarship

The eligibility criteria are: Applicants must be ordinarily living in the UK and belong to a Muslim community. They must be applying to any subject on the list of courses that is not medicine or PGCE. The application process will not consider applications by those who have applied for a second degree in undergraduate studies.

Deadline for application:12 noon (UK time) on February 8, 2023.

7. Dr. Ateh Jewel Foundation Awards

The eligibility criteria are UK citizens who are of Black African or Black Caribbean heritage and who come from poor backgrounds.

Application deadline: Late spring 2023

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