Good News: Full UK Phd Scholarships For International Students 2022/23

Are you thinking of advancing your academic career? But you’re not certain if there is a university within the United Kingdom that offer PhD scholarships opportunities for students from abroad.  This article is perfect for those who fall in this category.

1. University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is one of the Uk universities that provide Phd scholarships to international students. But, the first thing to do as an international students is  to know whether or not you’re qualified to receive this  scholarship.

The University of Sheffield International students eligibility criteria for PhD scholarships.

Find out if you’re eligible to be an Overseas Student in the University of Sheffield Scholarships, Research Council Scholarships and other possible schemes and projects.

 University  Scholarship Program

International students are all eligible to submit an application for University of Sheffield Research Scholarships. while Chinese applicants may submit an application for Joint China Scholarship Council – University of Sheffield Award.

Research Council (UKRI) Scholarships

Overseas applicants are eligible to apply for Research Council schemes. UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) regulations permit these schemes to grant up to 30 percent of their awards to Overseas applicants.

Funding bodies

Numerous foundations, charities, and trusts fund postgraduate studies, from tiny grant to complete scholarships. Some are targeted to specific fields of study, while others are based on more general eligibility requirements – in addition to the funds.

To apply for an PhD Scholarship at Sheffield university, please visit the the Applying the Essentials page for advice regarding the application process as well as an on-line application.

2. University of Bristol

University of Bristol is another highly regarded college in UK that provides phd scholarships for students from abroad. The University of Bristol strives to assist the most talented and brilliant students who are committed to the advancement of their country in the coming years.

The University of Bristol International students  eligibility requirements for PhD scholarships.

All they ask of you is that you describe your unique attributes or achievements that you believe make you worthy of receiving the award. It could be academic or extracurricular accomplishments along with your reasons to apply for an award.

Guide for filling out your application

You must fill out the application form in just one go. You must ensure that you take extreme diligence, as when you submit your application which is the final step that you are not allowed to alter your submission. After that, you will receive an email from the university to confirm that they have accepted your request. If you don’t receive this email, be sure to examine your spam or junk folder.

 To assist you in preparing, below is the information you’ll require. 

You’ll have to provide:

  • You can use your UCAS identification number (if you are an undergraduate student) and your Student ID (if you’re a postgraduate or if you’ve applied via Global Transfer Programme) or Kaplan ID (if you’re an KICL student)
  • the programme or course of study you’ve previously submitted an application to (you must to have applied for the course or program to be eligible for scholarships opportunities).
  • Your name
  • Your mail address (this is the way we contact you, so ensure that your email address is correct and that you are able to access your email address all year round)
  • Your country of origin
  • the country you reside in as your permanent residence (this is the one you normally reside in, not one in which you only reside in to pursue full-time study)
  • your most recent or present school of study
  • information about any other funds you’ve applied for, or are scheduled to receive.

Click here to apply for  PhD scholarships at Bristol university.

3. Chevening phd Scholarships

Chevening Scholarships enables outstanding, emerging leaders from around the globe to earn master’s degrees for one year within the UK. There isn’t a typical Chevening Scholar, however, they are searching for people who are driven to think, inspire, and influence to bring ideas and leadership needed to build a better future.

Click here to apply for Chevening phd scholarships

4. University of Oxford 2023 Reach Oxford PhD Scholarships to the Developing Countries

There are a variety of Reach Oxford scholarships (formerly Oxford Student Scholarships)  provided to those who are seeking PhD scholarships as well as undergraduate scholarships from countries with low income who, because of financial or political reasons or because appropriate educational facilities do not exist, are unable to complete their studies in their home countries.

Click here to apply the university of Oxford phd Scholarships

5. University of Cambridge 2023 Gates Cambridge Phd Scholarships

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship programme was created in the month of October 2000 following the US$210 million donation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the University of Cambridge; this is the largest single gift to the UK university. Every every year Gates Cambridge offers 80 full-cost scholarships to exceptional applicants from outside of the UK to pursue an advanced degree in any area of study within Cambridge University. About two-thirds of these scholarships will be awarded for PhD candidates, which includes around 25 awards for the US round, and 55 available in the International round. Interested? Go to Gates Cambridge on to apply

Click here to apply for UK fully funded scholarships for undergraduate students

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