List Of Some Scotland Universities To Study-2023

Do we have to convince you to go to school in Scotland? Scotland is a very appealing destination for international students, from breathtaking landscapes filled with history to warm people and excellent research and education.

Although Scotland is not as vast in the educational center as London, there are many options for universities to select from. We have put together an overview of some Scotland universities based on the most widely-known university rankings worldwide: QS Rankings by Top Universities and World University Ranking by Times Higher Education.

List of  some Scotland universities you can study

1. The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is undoubtedly the best-ranked University in Scotland and is ranked 20th globally according to QS Rankings and number 30 in Times Ranking. What is it that makes this school so well-known?

First of all, the learning environment and facilities that are 5-star are among the top around the globe. The research carried out at the University is often cited in academic publications, and there are over 180 research areas. Ultimately, graduating from the University of Edinburgh leads to many opportunities to work. The school is ranked 10th in terms of the employability of its graduates following their graduation.

Review of a student about The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh has great staffs, beautiful facilities, and its conveniently located within the City. The latest materials are available and a perfect blend of practical and theoretical knowledge and plenty of interaction with fellow students and staff.”

2. University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is ranked 77 in QS and 92 in Times Ranking. This University has 500 years of history in education. The University offers a varied range of degrees. Most of them are focused on Social Sciences, Business and Medicine.

It is also home to several universities. The University of Glasgow also caters to students seeking minimal time to study, with many online programs, including short courses. The research at the University is internationally renowned, particularly in biomedicine. They are coming up with cures for numerous chronic illnesses. In your studies, you will be guided in exploring your interests and determining your path to a career.

Student review of the University of Glasgow

Glasgow  is a multi-cultural environment that is suitable for students that are willing to learn the language of another. You can interact socially and keep improving. The diversity of The University of Glasgow is truly remarkable.

3. University of St. Andrews

 The University of St. Andrews is the first Scottish University that is, without doubt, connected to the history of the City in which it was constructed, and it blends its ancient past with modern times. The University is ranked 96 in QS Ranking and is featured among the top 250 schools worldwide by Times Ranking.

4. University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is a different Scottish university that has existed for over 500 years and is regarded as the “global university of the north” due to its prolific idea advancement that has influenced the world. The University is ranked 207 in the world according to QS Rankings and 178 by Times Higher Education.

The research conducted at Aberdeen is focused on the areas of Arts, Social Sciences, Medical as well as Physical Sciences.

Student review on University of Aberdeen

“The University of Aberdeen has a nice place to study and has excellent facilities. Additionally, it provides many structured programs. I find it intriguing because I am given a chance to mix theoretical knowledge with practical applications. It is a great place to learn. The University of Aberdeen is a multi-cultural environment that lets you learn while having fun.”

5. University of Dundee

The University of Dundee provides 200 Master’s degrees to over 16,000 students who study at the University each year. The school is proud of the unique and warm atmosphere that it offers its students. This is in conjunction with its outstanding award-winning teaching standards.

Additionally, you can find various scholarships offered by the University to assist students with their costs. There are a variety of degrees related to Medicine, Business, Environmental Studies, Social Sciences and Law, as well as several others.

The University of Dundee is featured among one of the most prestigious universities around the world, according to Times Higher Education. It is the 319th most prestigious University according to the QS Rankings.

6. Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University is the 301st in the world as per QS Rankings and in the top 400 under Times Higher Education. The school is committed to fostering innovation in society while providing programs that meet the demands of the business sector.

This is why it seeks experts from the industry through strategic alliances. Its international focus was acknowledged in 2018 by The Times/Sunday Times Good U. Guide. Its programs focus on Business Engineering, Engineering, and Computer Science studies.

Student review of Heriot-Watt University

“I am grateful for the experience I gained at Heriot-Watt University and had the chance to select from a wide range of programs. The timetables are manageable, and the instructors are accommodating and patient. I have integrated it with my part-time job, which is essential, as I require financial assistance to pursue my studies.”

7. University of Strathclyde

The University of Strathclyde ranked 300 in QS Ranking world university rankings. The business school at the University was named the best business college of the year for 2016. The University is also among the top-ranked research-intensive universities in the United Kingdom.

Career services and international orientation are the main focus of the University of Strathclyde; they aim to match each student with careers they are interested in, taking advantage of the connections with industry at the University and providing career advice.

8. University of Stirling

The University of Stirling is ranked among the best 350 schools around the globe by Times Higher Education. The school is committed to providing students with the knowledge they require to have an impact on the world.

More than half of the 100 master’s degree programs awarded by the University are focused on areas like Business, Social Sciences and Education. The research carried out by the university centers on subjects such as society, cultural security in the world, global security, and improving the standard of living of people.

9. Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University has a specific concentration on business studies and has more than 50 degrees in this area, followed by Arts and Social Sciences studies. The school comprises six faculties that each have their international area of study.

Edinburgh Napier is also dedicated to helping students find a job following graduation through the services for career development they offer. Napier was the first University in Scotland to receive accreditation from CIEEM.

10. Glasgow Caledonian University

Glasgow Caledonian University is one of the most prominent universities in Scotland, with over around 20,000 students enrolled every year. You will study in the heart of the City of Glasgow in an inclusive internationally-friendly environment.

The most popular areas of instruction provided by the University include engineering and construction, law, business, and health. Learn in an environmentally friendly and award-winning campus university with a wealth of industry connections and an employment rate of 97% following your studies.

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