Software Engineering Scholarships Programs Fully Financed 2023

Software Engineering Scholarships Programs Fully Financed, Software development has become the core of our daily lives, from driving vehicles or controlling machines. Alongside technological advancements, the field of software continues to grow rapidly. Therefore, businesses always look for innovative ways to improve their products and services.

With the demand for computer programming, many colleges or universities have courses specifically designed to prepare students to work in this rapidly growing field. While many schools do not offer specific engineering classes, they do offer introductory programming classes.

Who is a Software Engineer?

Software engineers play an essential role in designing products and services that are utilized daily. They are highly sought-after and earn a hefty salary. Some software engineers even make six figures.

While a bachelor’s certificate in the field of computer science has long been thought to be necessary for securing the software engineer position, recent trends suggest that tech companies are starting to prefer those who have completed a course in that area.

This could reduce how many students who attend traditional universities and colleges are interested in becoming software engineers. However, these same trends that lead to an increase in employment opportunities in the field of software engineering are also driving students to schools that offer computer science programs and information systems. Many of the top tech companies provide tuition aid for students attending college in order to encourage students to pursue these areas of study.

But, because of the scarcity of candidates in these fields, most scholarship programs concentrate on students studying computer science and information systems rather than those interested in different engineering fields. Students who are considering pursuing the field of computer science or an information system degree may not have the opportunity to receive funding for students pursuing traditional engineering degrees.

 Overview of Software Engineering Scholarships

A variety of organizations provide money specifically aimed at helping those seeking education in various technological fields, such as computer science and related information systems areas. These are Microsoft Corporation, the National Science Foundation (NSF), The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and Microsoft Corporation.

The NSF grants support research that is conducted within its primary disciplines of mathematics, life sciences, physical sciences, sociology, humanities and arts computing, transportation and economics. NASA provides fellowships to candidates to receive financial assistance for graduate education, professional development or research costs, Etc. Microsoft assists undergraduate students who want to participate in the company’s internship program.

The eligibility criteria for potential Computer Science or Information Systems students vary for the scholarships. For instance, the NSF will require applicants to have a baccalaureate diploma from an accredited four-year college. The NSF stipulates that applicants must be able to demonstrate an average of 3.0 or higher and provide proof of their involvement in volunteer activities in the community.

Microsoft permits applicants to apply for a position without meeting minimum requirements for a period of time, provided that they are planning to take part in an internship offered by the company. Candidates must submit a resume and a cover letter outlining their interest within the organization and what they would like to gain from their internship. They should also fill out their application forms and submit two letters of recommendation.

To be eligible to be a recipient of a fellowship offered by NASA, applicants must complete a bachelor’s degree at an approved university. To demonstrate their commitment to space exploration, they need to choose either a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematical) specialization or a non-STEM-related major, depending on their passion for particular areas in aerospace engineering.

Students who are pursuing a master’s degrees in computing science must be able to meet the requirements set out by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). Following ACM guidelines, candidates must hold an undergraduate diploma in computing science, demonstrate the ability to lead, have strong problem-solving abilities, and participate in various programming-related projects outside of school.

 Scholarship Programs Available For

Software Engineering 

A variety of engineering-related software scholarship programs are available to aid students in pursuing higher education. They range from big national organizations to small grant programs provided directly by private foundations.

Here are a few scholarships for students who are pursuing studies in computer science or the field of information systems.

American Society for Training & Development (ASTD)

ASTD provides a scholarship fund for software engineering students looking to develop their careers in the non-profit sector. The eligible applicants must be full-time students at an accredited institution of higher learning and are planning to make a professional path in human resource management or fundraising, public relations communications, marketing or other related areas. Students are not currently employed in these fields at the time of applying.


Association for Computing Machinery (ACMP)

The ACMP provides scholarships to students studying computer science and those with disabilities. The scholarships comprise:

  • ACMP student Fellowship Award – $5,000 per year for up to 3 years;
  • ACMP Students Research Grant of $12,500 per annum for up to five years
  • The ACM/IEEE Computer Science Student Paper Competition – $1,000 per year for each paper submitted during the conference’s annual meeting;
  • ACM Graduating Student Travel Awards – $3,000 per year to cover travel costs related to attending conferences.

Association for Women in Science (AWIS)

AWIS provides numerous scholarships for women who want to pursue graduate degrees in the computer sciences field. The recipients of scholarships receive tuition assistance and stipends to cover living costs.

National Science Foundation (NSF)

The NSF offers funding opportunities to students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It also offers research grants for faculty members.

National Security Agency (NSA)

NSA provides fellowships to provide the opportunity to provide financial assistance to students who pursue degrees in physics, mathematics and computer science, chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering research and statistics, operations, and many other fields. Candidates need to meet the requirements of U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

United States Department of Defense (DoD)

DoD provides a variety of software engineering scholarships for students studying computer science. The scholarships include:

  • Army Research Office (ARO) Fellowships $10,000 each year for two years.
  • Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Fellowships – up to $20,000 per year over four years.
  • Navy Postdoctoral Program (Navy PDP) – – $15,000 annually for three years
  • Naval Research Lab (NRL) Fellowships- $25,000 annually for a single year
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fellowships – $7,500 per year during the period of two years.

University of California (UC) System

UC provides a variety of software engineering scholarships for students who study computer science. Students who are awarded scholarships may apply for one of the following programs:

  • UC Berkeley Undergraduate Summer Research Experience (BSURE) – $6,000 for one summer;
  • UC Irvine Undergraduate Summer Research Experience- $8,000 for the summer;
  •  UC San Diego Undergraduate Summer Research Experience is $5,000 per year;
  • Undergraduate UC Santa Barbara Summer Research Experience – $5,000 per semester.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)

UIUC provides a variety of awards to students studying computer science. These include:

  • College of Engineering Undergraduate Research Scholarships: $5,000 per year for four years
  • College of Engineering Graduate Research Scholarships: $2,000 per year to be awarded for the duration of four consecutive summers.
  • The College of Computing Undergraduate Research Scholarships- $5,000 per term for four semesters.

University of Michigan (UM)

UM provides various scholarships to students interested in careers in the field of computer science. The recipients of these scholarships can be considered for one of the programs that the university offers:

  • Computer Science and Technology Education Fellowship $1000 per semester, for up to five semesters
  • Computational Mathematics and Data Analysis Fellowship $1,200 per semester, for up to six months;
  • Cybersecurity Fellowship – $1600 per semester for up to eight semesters
  • Information Systems Leadership Fellowship – $3,000 per semester for four semesters;
  • Software Engineering Fellowship – $1,800 for each semester, for as long as ten consecutive semesters
  • Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science Fellowship $1,400 for a semester, for up to 12 semesters
  • High-Performance Computing Fellowship: $1,250 every semester over 28 terms
  • Machine Learning Fellowship – for 32 semesters, $1,750 per semester.
  • Network Security Fellowship – for 34 semesters, $1,350 per semester.
  • Robotics Fellowship – for 38 semesters, $1,550 per semester.
  • Scientific Visualization Fellowship – $1,650 per period for 40 semesters
  • Web Services Fellowship – for 42 semesters, $1,850 per semester.


University of Washington (UW)

UW offers several awards to students pursuing computer science degrees and related fields. These awards include:

  • Computer Science Student Summer Fellowships – $4,000 each summer.
  • Computer Science Students Internships for Students – $ 10,000 per internship



In the end, Computer science can appear as a tough career option due to its extensive technical knowledge; however, if you’ve got the required skills, it is possible to find ways to improve your abilities. Begin by locating an engineering software scholarship program that you can apply for, and if you are accepted, then enroll in the first semester.

It will not only set you on the road towards getting into the field of software engineering faster than other software engineers, but it has the potential to earn in a big way.

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