Apply Now: Top 15 Universities For Masters In Computer Science UK 2022/23

Are you an expert on computers and seeking universities in the UK to study Masters in computing science? If you have completed your undergraduate degree and you are searching the web for the best universities in the UK to pursue an MSC in computer science, we’ve got several best-ranked universities where you can pursue the MSc in computer science and get a job in the UK.

Computer Science students study the theories, the system and the development behind everything, from search engines to software applications and social media platforms. As computers play more and more in our daily life, the need for computer science experts with a high level of expertise increases each year.

The achievement of an MS in computer science in the UK will provide you with the skills and expertise required to succeed in the world of computers. This degree is available in the form of Master of Science (MSC) as well as Masters of Philosophy (MPhil) and Masters of Engineering (MEng) degrees.

Why should you study in the UK?

As a graduate of computer science, You might be wondering why some of your classmates in college left for the UK. They learned about certain advantages of studying in the UK you may not have heard about. Here are a few good reasons why they choose to study in the UK.

1. High educational quality

If suppose you choose to study in the UK, you’ll immerse yourself in centuries of high academic excellence since UK universities are known for their excellence, boasting an international reputation and are considered among the top worldwide for teaching and research.

2. A home for students from all over the world

 As per the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), the UK ranks second as the most sought-after destination for study in the entire world, with over 675,000 students from all over the world opting to attend UK universities between 2020 and 2021, which means that international students just like you are encouraged to pursue a degree at universities in the UK.

3. Famous universities around the world

Degrees awarded by UK higher education institutions are highly regarded and admired worldwide, and the range of subjects you can choose from is wide. The degree you earn from any British university will appear attractive on your resume and is a compelling selling point for jobs.

4. Financial benefits

While living expenses are relatively low in the UK and are not as expensive as in the USA and Canada, mainly when you are out of major cities like London, international students also have access to financial aid while learning in the UK through the form of grants, scholarships, and bursaries.

5. Study while working

Students from abroad studying in the UK can work as long as 20 hours per week during term time and 10 hours during the time that school is closed. Students can work part-time or do an internship to gain new techniques as well as earn money whilst they study.

6. Unique culture

When you visit the UK, You will not only learn about British tradition but also from people from other cultures and countries as well. The UK also has plenty of historical significance, from Buckingham Palace Tower of London and Buckingham Palace to Stonehenge and Edinburgh Castle; there are so many places to visit.

7. Shorter degrees

Full-time undergraduate education in the UK generally takes about three years to complete, and a master’s degree could be completed in a year. If you decide to pursue your studies in the UK, it will allow you to complete your degree sooner and also save money on tuition and lodging as well.

8. Improve your English

It is a fact that the English language is a significant resource and a helpful asset in today’s competitive business world. Learning in the UK will ensure that your classes will be taught in English, which is a fantastic opportunity to improve your abilities.

9. Connections to travel

In the summer, you may want to spend time in the cities around you. This is possible since studying in the UK lets you travel to the rest of Europe in just a few hours. Traveling across the mainland of Europe via the UK is easy, and you can travel via train or plane and reach the cities of your neighbors in only a couple of hours.

10. A high rate of employment

We are all aware that employers look after graduates of high quality with specific skills, which include the ability to be critical, practical and innovative thinking abilities. Learning in the UK will allow you to tick all of these boxes. The academic standards are of top quality, and the educational system can provide you with the foundation you need to increase your chances of earning more money and obtaining what you are looking for in a job.

The top 15 UK Universities for Masters in Computer Science

1. University College London (UCL)

Students who want to obtain the MSc in computer science London degree ought to think about applying to UCL as it is among the best universities that offer Master’s degrees studies in computing science within the UK.

The program aims to give students the technical skills and understanding required to pursue a career in the computing/information technology sector or for further doctoral research.

Duration 1-year (Full Time)

Average Tuition Cost £25,200

Entry Requirements

  • The applicant must have an undergraduate degree in a field that is not the field of computer science or technology or an overseas degree equivalent to the degree with a minimum second-class higher than 60% CGPA.
  • Candidates are required to show maths skills (to, at minimum, Mathematics at the A-level) as well as analytical abilities.
  • The candidate must prove they possess strong computational capabilities because programming is a fundamental component that is taught in this course.
  • PTE – 70/90. Minimum of 62 for each Communication Skills
  • IELTS 7/9. The minimum score is 6.5 in each subtest.

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2. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is one of the most sought-after UK universities for Master’s degrees in computer science among international students.

This Advanced Computer Science program aims to provide a credential that is both valuable and marketable by itself that provides graduates with expertise in computer science research and the knowledge to take on leading roles in public and industrial research.

Duration Nine Months (Full Time)

Cost of Tuition: £37.815

Entry Requirements

  • The applicant must hold an honors level first-class in engineering, computer science or mathematics or another numerate qualification, and in which they can show knowledge and knowledge and preparation to take the Cambridge MPhil course.
  • Mathematics up to A-level standard or equivalent experience and programming will be assumed.
  • IELTS – 7.5/9

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3. University of Oxford

The MSc in Advanced Computer Science at Oxford is designed to provide various advanced subjects to students of mathematics and computer science disciplines. It covers the most innovative techniques and concepts that are currently being researched in the application areas (such as verification, machine learning, and computer security) as well as the diverse and rich theories that support them.

Duration 12 months (Full Time)

Average Tuition Cost The average tuition fee is £30,330.

Entry Requirements

  • Candidates must have an upper-second-class undergraduate degree with distinction in maths or computer science.
  • It is crucial that candidates have the background required to be able to handle mathematical notation and fundamental computer programming.
  • Candidates should have completed one or more programming projects at work or in the study, possibly including self-directed studies.
  • There aren’t any specific programming languages to be prioritized, but it is essential to note that they’ve taken on the work of programming and creating algorithms.
  • IELTS – 7.5/9

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4. The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh MSc computer science program offers students the chance to gain expert knowledge of the development, analysis, implementation, and usage of computer systems, ranging from the parts in a single computer up to computers as large as the Internet.

Duration One year (Full Time)

Average Tuition Cost for £35,900

Entry Requirements

  • The UK 2:1 honors diploma or equivalent international degree in artificial intelligence, informatics, computer science, cognitive science, electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, or another quantitative discipline
  • The admissions process for this program is very competitive. The typical offer will require the holder of a UK first-class honors degree.
  • The ability to program is crucial. In order to be eligible for the degree, candidates need to have successfully completed a course in at minimum one of the following areas: C/C++ Java, Python, R Matlab Haskell, ML.
  • IELTS 7/9. At the very least, 6.0 within each section.   

5. Manchester University

This is among universities that offers Master’s degrees in Computer Science  that international students can apply to. The course provides an overview of the current techniques for Software and two specific methods that are at the forefront in Software Engineering research and practice Pattern-based and Component-based Software Development.

This MSC degree also deals with the development and application of tools to help human beings create software systems that are reliable, flexible and maintainable. And so on.

The duration is 12 months (Full Time)

Average Tuition fee: £27,500

Entry Requirements

  • A solid or first-class Upper Second grade honors degree or equivalent from an overseas institution in computer science or in a joint degree with at minimum 50 percent computer science as a component.
  • Minimum of 70 percent (First Grade with Distinction) in a BSc Eng or BTech degree, or BEng or BTech from an acclaimed institution
  • Candidates with extensive computer science work experience and a 2:I honors diploma with a major in Computer Science honors degree or equivalent overseas could be evaluated as candidates for admission.
  • PTE 65/90
  • IELTS 7/9 with no sub-tests below 6.0

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6. University of Southampton

Southampton has been ranked on the Computer Sciences and MSc software engineering top ten lists for over ten years in The Guardian University Guide.

The Master’s program lets students select specific modules from a variety of specialist programs in Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Signal Processing, Software Engineering, as well as Web Science & Technology. When you finish your studies, students will be able to demonstrate a variety of specific skills across a range of computer science fields.

Duration One year (Full Time)

Average Tuition Cost 28,000 – £28,000

Entry Requirements

  • Candidates must have a First Class degree in software engineering or computer science or closely related subjects.
  • The applicant must also be able to show an upper score of 2:1 in the following subjects two contemporary functional or object-oriented programming modules (e.g., Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic), one math module, two computer modules (e.g., databases, data structures artificial intelligence machine learning networks, web operating systems)
  • The University can also consider work experience as a substitute for the taught programming.

7. University of Liverpool University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool MSc Computer Science program is designed for graduates who do not have a qualification or a first-degree Computer Science who wish to add to the knowledge gained during their undergraduate studies by incorporating significant elements in computer science.

The course leads to many career options in the IT sector; in most cases, students want to work at the intersection of the IT field and the subject of their initial Master’s.

Duration 1-year (Full Time)

Average Tuition Cost: £25,050

Entry Requirements

  • The applicant must hold an honors degree of 2:1 (or at least) or equivalent in Science or Engineering other than Computer Science or a closely related subject.
  • PTE – 61/90 with minimum scores of 46 for each of the components
  • IELTS- 6.5/9 The minimum requirement is 5.5 for each of the components

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8. Newcastle University

The sophisticated Newcastle University MSc computer science program is suitable for an honors-level graduate in computing science. It is also possible to be a graduate of an area of study that has a significant computing component like the engineering field, system engineering and math.

Duration 1-year (Full Time)

Average Tuition Fee: £26,400

Entry Requirements

  • The applicant must have 2:2 honors or an equivalent internationally or equivalent in the field of computing sciences. They will also consider subjects that have significant computing components, including Engineering, Systems Engineering and Mathematics.
  • IELTS IELTS – 6.5/9 with not less than 5.5 for each of the four components of the test

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9. University of Bristol

The purpose of the Bristol MSc Computer Science program is to develop an appreciation of the fundamentals of computer science and its role in the process of developing Software.

The MSc Computer Science Conversion UK program is designed for students from various academic backgrounds with minimal or no prior computer science experience in the academic setting.

Duration One year (Full Time)

Average Tuition Cost of £26,900

Entry Requirements

  • A degree of honors in the upper second class (or equivalent internationally) in any other subject to computer science and a related subject
  • Mathematics proficiency must be demonstrated by obtaining at least a grade of B.
  • Top colleges will also be taken into consideration if they possess an average at or above 55%
  • PTE – 70/90
  • Average of 66 with no skill lower than 60
  • IELTS score 6.5/9 6.5/9 6.5 overall, with scores of 6.0 or above. 6.0

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10. Swansea University

This MSC computer science UK eligibility program is appropriate for students in any field as well as those who wish to change  career direction.

Students will be taught courses such as Software Concepts and Efficiency, Programming in Java, Computer System Concepts, Relational and Object-Oriented Database Systems and even Software Engineering Principles.

Duration One year (Full Time)

Average Tuition Cost £18,650

Entry Requirements

  • The applicant must have at least a 2:2 honors grade (or at least) with a minimum of *experience in programming
  • PTE – 56/90 with at least 51 points in each component
  • IELTS – 6/9 with the minimum score of 5.5 for each of the components

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